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USRS Sevens Toernooi 2011

USRS Sevens Tournament 2011

Utrechtse Studenten Rugby Society (USRS) held one of the first Sevens tournaments in the Dutch calendar. Easter Sunday, fantastic sunshine and around the 27’C mark,(so were told). Two stream of Sevens were played: Experienced and Inexperienced. Sorry but as I have not yet cloned myself and thus covered only the experienced games. The two finals were held at the same time, so tried to cover these two matches simultaneously by hopping between the two fields.

Match Photos:

Set01: Diok v Utrecht

Set02: Pink Panthers v AAC Amsterdam

Set03: USRS v Waterland

Set04: Den Haag v Castricum

Set05: Utrecht v Waterland

Set06: AAC Amsterdam v Den Haag

Set07: Diok v USRS

USRS Sevens Tournament: Diok v USRS

Set08: Castricum v Pink Panthers

Set09: USRS v Utrecht

Set10: AAC Amsterdam v Castricum

Set11: Pickwick Players v Nieuwegein

Set12: AAC Amsterdam v Utrecht

Set13: Castricum v Diok

Finals and Team Photos:

Set14: Oemoemenoe v Tilburg – Finals Inexperienced

Set15: Castricum v Utrecht – Finals Experienced

Set16: Team Photos

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Ascrum ASRV2 v Waterland RC2

Ascrum ASRV2 v Waterland RC2

Champagne celebration as Ascrum win the 4th division North-West. Close game with a score of 17 v 17 in the final stages of the games, Ascrum then score a try 5 minutes before the final whistle, they also get the conversion, end result Ascrum 24  v  17 Waterland.

Photos by

Click here for: Photos: ..or.. Slideshow

Result: Ascrum 24  v  17 Waterland

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Amsterdam AAC3 v Waterland2

Amsterdam AAC3 v Waterland2

Amsterdam AAC3 v Waterland2

Photos by KevinScott.Org on Flickr

Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Score: Amsterdam 32 v 24 Waterland

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Haagsche Rugby Dagen, 2010, Day 2

Haagsche RC going for the ball

Day 2 of the Haagsche Rugby Dagen. Three full games with teams from The Netherlands, Poland, France and Ireland. Heavy sky’s and very very heavy rain did not spoil a great day of rugby.

For Day 1, click: HERE

Photo’s by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

11: Waterland U19 v Haagsche U19 | Photo or Slideshow

12: Haagsche RC v Arka Gdynia (Poland) | Photos or Slideshow

13: Gary Owen (Ireland) v Lille Metropole RC (France) | Photos or Slideshow

Additional photos on on the Haagsche Rugby Dagen Web site.

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Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2010

Hilversum, Dutch Sevens Champions, 2010

Sets for the NSK Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen (Dutch Sevens Championship).

Click HERE for Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

Match Photos:

Set 01: Haagsche RC v The Ducks RC

Set 02: Diok RC v Utrechtse RC

Set 03: Castricum v Ascrum ASRV

Set 04: Castricumse RC v BSN RC

Set 05: Amsterdam AAC v Utrechtse RC

Set 06: Hilversum RC v Waterland RC

Set 07: Haagsche RC v Waterland RC

Set 08: Amstelveen RC v Diok RC

Set 09: Castricumse RC v Haagsche RC

Set 10: Hilversum RC v Castricumse RC

Set 11: Amsterdam AAC v Oemoemenoe (Dames)

Set 12: BSN RC v Haagsche RC

Finals and Presentations

Set 13: Ladies Final – Amsterdam AAC v Tilburg RC

Set 14: Mens Final – Diok RC v Hilversum RC

Set 15: Presentations

Photos for 2011:

Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2011

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