220611 Ameland Beach Rugby Festival, 2022

Saturday 11th

Photos to follow.

Sunday 12th

0915 The Refs and Crew : Photos

1000 Randkepp2 v Oude Meesters Betuwe : Photos

1015 Weaselcatchers v Crossroad Crusaders : Photos

1145 Team Speedboat (Amstelveen) v Tovaal RC : Photos

1325 Randkepp2 v Crossroad Crusaders, Vets Final : Photos

1400 Ascrum ASRV1 v Thor SRC2, Students Final : Photos

1520 Best of 80s v Blue Waves, Womens Final : Photos

1540 Hookers RC v Dukes Espoirs, Mens Final : Photos

1610 Prize Presentations : Photos

1630 Beach After Party : Photos


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