220605 Amsterdam Sevens, 2022, Sunday

Photos by kevinscott.org on flickr.


1540 Amsterdam AAC2 v Switzers : Photos

1800 After Party, Saturday : Photos


1000 Dambusters v Chicken Rugby : Photos

1020 Cocks of the Tiger v ARC Old Navigators : Photos

1045 Germany Development v ARC Arcadians : Photos

1120 Amsterdam AAC v Rotterdam RSRC : Photos

1150 Amsterdam AAC1D v Amsterdam AAC2D : Photos

1440 Dambusters v Köln RSV : Photos

1530 Akuma Hurricanes v Samurai International, Semi Final : Photos

1555 Ascrum ASRV v Mete RC, M7 Final : Photos

1615 Samurai International Vets v Welsh Charity Vets, Vets Final : Photos

1650 Kazakhstan National v Poland Development team, Womens Final : Photos

1715 Nyenrode 7s v Samurai International, Mens Final : Photos

1745 After Party, Sunday, Amsterdam 7s, 2022 : Photos

Other matches to follow ….


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