Bingham Cup 2018, Amsterdam

For the first time the Bingham Cup was held on main land Europe. The host team being the Amsterdam Lowlanders and the Amstelveen Rugby Club. The tournament welcoming 70+ gay teams from all corners of the world for 3 days of intensive rugby.


07 June, Thursday

1230 Photo exhibition: Photos

2100 Opening ceremony: Photos

08 June, Friday

0800 Day 1 selection: Photos

0830 Melbourne Chargers (AUS) v San Francisco Fog (USA): Photos

0930 Philadelphia Gryphons (USA) v Los Angeles Rebellion (USA): Photos

0935 San Diego Armada (USA) v Chicago Dragons (USA): Photos

1000 Colorado Rush (USA) v Amsterdam Lowlanders (NED): Photos

1400 Amsterdam Lowlanders (NED) v Gotham Knights (USA): Photos

09 June, Saturday

0800 Day 2 selection: Photos

0920 Libera Roma (ITL) v Midwest Rampage (USA): Photos

1010 Les Gaillards (FRA) v Kings Cross Steelers RFC (ENG): Photos

1110 Amsterdam Lowlanders (NED) v Washington Scandals (USA): Photos

1310 Sydney Convicts (AUS) v Emerald Warriors (IRL): Photos

1320 Dallas Lost Souls (USA) v Northampton Outlaws (ENG): Photos

1500 Lowlanders All Blue (NED) v Stockholm Beserkers (SWE), Women’s Final: Photos

10 June, Sunday

0800 Team Photos etc: Photos

0815 Amsterdam Lowlanders (NED) v Madrid Titanes (ESP): Photos

0830 Sydney Convicts (AUS) v Gotham Knights (USA), Men’s Final – Cup: Photos

2100 Closing ceremony: Photos