Bingham Cup 2014, Sydney

Bingham Cup 2014, Sydney

For the first time Down-Under the 7th Bingham Cup was held in Sydney, Australia. Where Gay teams from around the world descended on Sydney for 3 days of intense rugby.

Day 1 – Aug 29

Amsterdam Lowlanders v Boston Ironsides : PhotoShow

Amsterdam Lowlanders v Sydney Convicts : PhotoShow

Day 2 – Aug 30

Amsterdam Lowlanders v Southern USA Ba Bas : PhotoShow

Boston Ironside v Amsterdam Lowlanders : PhotoShow

Brisbane Hustlers v Sydney Convicts : PhotosShow

Day 3 – Aug 31

Amsterdam Lowlanders v Philadelphia Gryphons : PhotoShow

New Zealand Falcons v Emerald Warriors (Bowl Final) : PhotoShow

Brisbane Hustlers v Sydney Convicts (Cup Final) : PhotoShow


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