hrd2013The Haagse Rugby Dagen kick off the new season for 2013-2014 with the yearly 3 day event held in Den Haag. This year with Den Haag walking away with both Trophy’s.


02: MensXV: Haagsche RC v Coq Mosan RC (BEL): Photos .or. Slideshow

Matches to follow


06: Old Masters: Amsterdam Academicals v LSRG: Photos .or. Slideshow

08: Old Masters: Presentation: Photos .or. Slideshow

09: Old Masters: Team Photos: Photos .or. Slideshow

10: Rugby Academy ZW v Amstelveen U17: Photos .or. Slideshow

Matches to follow


Matches to follow

15: Presentations:   Photos .or. Slideshow

16: Team Photos XV: Photos .or. Slideshow


Additional photos by: Tobby Cobham on Flickr and Lucian on Picasa

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