HWF Wailers winners of the Mens Amsterdam Sevens

Amsterdam’s AAC rugby club held its 40th Sevens Tournament this weekend. Its one of the biggest Sevens Tournament is the world, with this year around 100 teams competing from various parts of the world. That’s a lot of rugby.

Match Photos:

Set22: Tilburg RC v Breda RC

Set23: Georgia RC v Wooden Spoons

Set24: Ramblin Jesters v MP7s Mowden Park

Set25: Ascrum v Red T’s

Set26: Wiss the Mama v PWRR RFC

Set27: Samurai Int v Nike Bowerman Boys

Set28: Mels Exiles v Swedish Vikings

Set29: TomTom v Nok Su Kow

Set30: Madrid Classics v Millfield Old Boys Legends

Set31: Richmond Heavies v Haarlem Ibuprofen Veterans

Set32: Gilbert Pups v Côté Ouvert

Set33: LRC Diok v Dambusters

Set34: Marauders Vets v Millfield Old Boys

Set35: Netherlands v Canada (Ladies Semi Final)

Set36: Samurai Int v HWF Wailers (Mens Semi Final)

Set37: Templers 7 RFC v Mels Exiles (Mens Semi Final)

The Finals

Set38: Gilbert Pups v Millfield Old Boys (Boot Final)

Set39: Marauders Vets v Wooden Spoons Vets (Vets Final)

Set40: Canada Ladies v Samurai International (Ladies Final)

Set41: HWF Wailers v Templars 7 RFC (Mens Final)

General Photos Day 2:

Set42: To be processed

Looking Back:

Amsterdam Sevens 2010