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Rotterdam RC: Seniors v Old Boys

Rotterdam RC. Seniors v Old Boys

Prior to the Rotterdam Ladies “Ruck that Dress” match the Seniors took on the Old Boys for a showdown of skill and strength.

Photos by on flickr.

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Ruck that dress Rugby match: Rotterdam RC


To celebrate the kick off of the Rotterdam LADIES team, these girls decided to play a match in full wedding gear. The guys they were playing also turned out to also be very dapper, well rugby is a game played by gentlemen, so were told.

Conclusion: Wedding dresses should not be used for general rugby games.

1. The ball is difficult to find amongst all that material

2. The opposing team can easily hide the ball between their legs

3. A scrum can take forever while you try to find the correct position for your arms and head.

Photos by on flickr

Click here for: Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Or see the special ‘White Wedding’ feature by Mirandalah on Youtube.

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Union Cup 2011: Amsterdam: Day 1 & 2

Union Cup 2011

The ARC Lowlanders hosted the Union Cup 2011, over a long weekend of 2-5 June 2011. Where 12 European teams from Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Scotland (that’s around 250 rugbyers) fought over two days of hard rugby to win the two trophy’s, one for the 15’s and one 10’s divisions.

The 15’s was won by the Kings Cross Steelers from London, and the 10’s by Montpellier from France.

The Union Cup is a European Gay male rugby tournament held every two years, previous years being, Copenhagen, London and Montpellier. This time round it was Amsterdam, and the Lowlanders did a fantastic professional job of organisation, including great weather with  sun and temperature in the high 20’s.


Set01: Odeon photo presentation.

Set03: Lisbon v Amsterdam

Set04: Montpellier v London10

Set05: Edinburgh v Lyon

Set06: Paris v London10

Set07: Lyon v Bristol

Set08: Manchester v Amsterdam

Set09: London15 v Brussels

Set10: Team Photos

Set13: Manchester v Dublin

Set14: London15 v Amsterdam

Set15: Lisbon v Brussels

Set16: Amsterdam v Lisbon

Set17: Brussels v Dublin

Set18: Paris v London10 : 10s Plate

Set19: Bristol v Montpellier : 10s Cup Final

Set20: London15 v Manchester : 15s Cup Final


For photos : Union Cup 2013, in Bristol, Click here.

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