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WK Amsterdam 2010 (World Cup Final)

World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Spain. I know it’s not rugby but it was a very special day for the Netherlands, I spent the first half running around bars in my area, and then sat down to copious amounts of beer and watched the rest of the game. Well done Netherlands, I / We are proud of you.

Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

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Gaelic Football, Amsterdam Tournament

Gaelic Football, Amsterdam Tournament. A wonderful chance to see this super fast sport. It took some time, but once I had spoken to a few of the guys to find the rules of the game, I found it a great game to photograph. For my first attempt I hope I have done the game justice.

This was a international tournament between, Netherlands-Amsterdam, Netherlands-Den Haag, Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgium had two teams, I’m not sure from which cities, so they are known as Belgium-Green and Belgium-Red for the sakes of identification.

Photos by KevinScott.Org on Flickr

01: Belgium Green v Den Haag | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

02: Amsterdam v Luxembourg | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

03: Den Haag v Belgium Green | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

04: Luxembourg v Belgium Red | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

05: Amsterdam v Belgium Green | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

06: Belgium Red v Den Haag | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

07: Belgium Green v Luxembourg | Photos ..or.. Slideshow


Link: Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Football Club

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