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160514 Ascrum Sevens 2016

160514 Ascrum Sevens 2016

160514 Ascrum Sevens 2016

Ascrum Sevens 2016, Amsterdam.

Photos by on flickr

08 Groningen GSRC v Ascrum ASRV3 : PhotosShow

09 Gooi RC v Ascrum ASRV2 : PhotosShow

10 Ascrum ASRV1 v Oysters RFC (Final) : PhotosShow

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150606 GNSK 2015

GNSK 2015

GNSK 2015

The Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap (GNSK) is a large yearly sports tournament for the Dutch universities. This year being held in Amsterdam. It covers many sport disciplines, one of them being Rugby Sevens.

The final between Amsterdam and Utrecht was a humdinger of a match  which went into extra-time with sudden death finish. Utrecht being the final victors.

Photos by on flickr

01 Tarantula TSRC v Elephants ESRC : PhotosShow

02 Ascrum ASRV v Rotterdam RSRC : PhotosShow

08 Obelix NSRV v Ascrum ASRV : PhotoShow

14 Rotterdam RSRC v Maraboes MSRG : PhotosShow

15 Ascrum ASRV v Utrecht USRS, Final : PhotosShow


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Dom City 10’s 2013

domcity2013Second Dom City 10’s Tournament organised by the Utrechtse Rugby Club.

02 : Utrechtse RC v Rotterdam SRC : Photos or Slideshow

03: Match 03: Photos or Slideshow

Help needed to identify the names used for some the teams, if you know them please let me know


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Old Bears RSRC v Delft DSRC2

Old Bears RSRC v Delft DSRC2

Old Bears RSRC v Delft DSRC2

130407: Old Bears RSRC v Delft DSRC2

Result: Old Bears : 129 v 5 : Delft

Photos by on flickr

Click here for: Photos ..or.. Slideshow

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Haagsche Rugby Dagen 2012

The Haagsche Rugby Dagen 2012 kicks off the new Dutch Rugby Season for 2012-2013.

Photos by on flickr

Haagsche Rugby Dagen 2012: Haagsche RC1 v Haagsche RC2

Friday 24 August:

01: Haagsche RC1 v Haagsche RC2 : Small Selection – Rest to follow…

02: Delft SRC v Dendermonde (BEL) : Small Selection – Rest to follow…

Saturday 25 August

Oud Meisters Tournament

03: Ascrum AA v Rotterdam RSRC Old Bears : Photos ..or.. Slideshow

04: Leiden LSRG v Haagsche RC : Photos ..or.. Slideshow

05: Dendermonde RC v Pink Oldies : Photos ..or.. Slideshow

06: Te Werve RC v Delft DSRC : Photos ..or.. Slideshow

07: Ascrum AA v Leiden LSRG : Photos ..or.. Slideshow

08: Haagsche RC v Rotterdam RSRC Old Bears : Photos ..or.. Slideshow

09: Te Werve RC v Haagsche RC : (OM Final) : Photos ..or.. Slideshow


For 2010 – Click here

For 2011 – Click here

For 2013 – Click here

Additional 2012 Photos by Lucian : Friday and Saturday

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Rotterdam Cup 2012

The Hookers: Winners Rotterdam Cup 2012

The Rotterdam cup 2012 was held at the new Sparta Rugby Club / Cricket Club, Bermweg 141, Capelle aan den Ijssel.

Four of the local teams, Sparta RC, Rotterdam RC, Rotterdam Students RC and The Hookers, fought in temperatures well into the 30’s, after 5 hours The Hookers were declared the winners for 2012.

Photos by on flickr

01: The Hookers v Sparta RC (15’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

02: Rotterdam RC v Rotterdam SRC (7’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

03: The Hookers v Rotterdam RC (15’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

04: Sparta RC v Rotterdam SRC (7’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

05: Rotterdam RC v Sparta RC (15’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

06: Rotterdam SRC v The Hookers (7’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

07: Presentation Photos Photos ..or.. Slideshow

08: Team Photos : General Day photos to follow

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Haagse Rugby Dagen 2011

Haagse Rugby Dagen 2011


The 12th Haagsche Rugby Dagen (Hague Rugby Days) took place at the HRC over the weekend. This 3 day tournament has become the traditional kick-off to signal the start of new Rugby season in the Netherlands. This year the tournament was opened by Willem de Jong the new chairman of the NRB (Nederlandse Rugby Bond / Dutch Rugby Board).

On the team front Lille Metropole RC (France) returned to defend their win from last year, and given their strength and speed they had no major problem in retaining the trophy. The other teams in the men’s main event whom Lille were up against were Slavia Prague (Czech Republic), the Dukes and of course Haagsche RC. These games were played off on the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The Saturday was a full day of rugby, starting with the Oude Dutch Masters who gave the crowd three hours of good rugby nearly all of which was played in driving rain, well it is August, what do you expect sunshine. The Dukes then took on the Dutch Rugby Academy, and the ladies performed well in a knockout competition between TU Delft, Utrechtse RC and Diok RC. The day was concluded with a full match between HRC 2/3 and the Rotterdamse Studenten RC.

Photos by on flickr

Day 1 – Mens XV

Set01: Lille Metropole (France) v Dukes – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set02: Haagsche RC v Slavia Prague – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Day 2 – Old Masters

Set03: LSRG v RSRC Old Bears – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set04: TeWerve v Pink Oldies – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set05: Pink Oldies v Haagsche RC – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set06: Diok LRC v LSRG – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set07: LSRG v Ascrum ASRV – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set08: Pink Oldies v Old Tigers – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set09: Old Tigers v Old Bears – Photos ..or..  Slideshow (Old Masters Final)

Day 2 – Colts

Set10: The Dukes v Dutch Rugby Academy – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 2 – Dames X

Set 11: TU Delft v Leiden RC Diok – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set 12: Utrecht RC v TU Delft – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set 13: Leiden RC Diok v Utrecht RC – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 2 – Mens XV

Set14: HRC v Rotterdam SRC – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 3 – Mens XV

Set15: HRC v The Dukes – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set16: Lille Metropole RC (France) v Slavia Prague (Czech) – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 3 – Presentations 2011

Set16: The Presentations – Photos ..or.. Slideshow


Quick Photo Selection:  Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Additional Photos by:   Lucian

For 2010 photos click here

For 2012 photos click here

For 2013 photos click here

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Pink Panther Sevens Tournament 2011

Eemland - Winners of the Pink Panthers Sevens Tournament 2011

The Pink Panthers Sevens Tournament 2011, was won by Eemland RC, Amserfoort. A total of 12 teams battled for the winning position, it was a long day, around 7 hours of rugby with the  kick-off at 10:00 and the winner being declared around 17:30.

Match Photos:

Set01: Thor SRC v Breda RC

Set02: Rotterdam SRC v Red T’s

Set03: Breda RC v Hilversum RC

Set04: Delft SRC v Red T’s

Set05: Thor SRC v Pink Panthers

Set06: Waterland RC v Bulldogs RC

Set07: Pink Panthers v Breda RC

Set08: Obelix NSRV v Waterland RC

Set14: Deflt SRC v Eemland RC

Set09: To be Processed


Set19: To be Processed

Set20: Eemland team photos.


The remainder could take a week or so as also processing Groningen and National Sevens.

The Tournament season is heavy for us photographers, a whole day on the field and then a few thousand photos to go through. RSI here I come :-(

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