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150808 Den Haag, Beach Rugby Seniors 2015

Den Haag, Beach Rugby Seniors 2015

Den Haag, Beach Rugby Seniors 2015

A number of Dutch team pound the sands on Scheveningen Beach in the third installment of this new tournament, held at Den Haag Beach Stadium.

Photos by of flickr.

02 Team Photos : PhotosShow

15 Presentations : PhotosShow



13 Te Werve RC v Body en Fit (Men Final) : PhotosShow

14 Le Bastelle v HRC Dames (Womens Final) : PhotosShow


Match photos to follow…

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Rotterdam Cup 2012

The Hookers: Winners Rotterdam Cup 2012

The Rotterdam cup 2012 was held at the new Sparta Rugby Club / Cricket Club, Bermweg 141, Capelle aan den Ijssel.

Four of the local teams, Sparta RC, Rotterdam RC, Rotterdam Students RC and The Hookers, fought in temperatures well into the 30’s, after 5 hours The Hookers were declared the winners for 2012.

Photos by on flickr

01: The Hookers v Sparta RC (15’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

02: Rotterdam RC v Rotterdam SRC (7’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

03: The Hookers v Rotterdam RC (15’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

04: Sparta RC v Rotterdam SRC (7’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

05: Rotterdam RC v Sparta RC (15’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

06: Rotterdam SRC v The Hookers (7’s) Photos ..or.. Slideshow

07: Presentation Photos Photos ..or.. Slideshow

08: Team Photos : General Day photos to follow

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Rugby photos from other Dutch photographers: 08 Oct 2011 – 14 Oct 2011. (Note)

Rugby Club Tilburg : on mijnalbum

Rugby Club Octopus TBM dag : on mijnalbum

SUNS – Eemland : by nicossport sportfoto on picasa

Rotterdam RRC v Oemoemenoe : by Rotterdamse Rugby on picasa

Rotterdam RRC v Oemoemenoe : by marcel molendijk on picasa

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Rotterdam RC: Seniors v Old Boys

Rotterdam RC. Seniors v Old Boys

Prior to the Rotterdam Ladies “Ruck that Dress” match the Seniors took on the Old Boys for a showdown of skill and strength.

Photos by on flickr.

Click here for: Photos ..or..  Slideshow

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Ruck that dress Rugby match: Rotterdam RC


To celebrate the kick off of the Rotterdam LADIES team, these girls decided to play a match in full wedding gear. The guys they were playing also turned out to also be very dapper, well rugby is a game played by gentlemen, so were told.

Conclusion: Wedding dresses should not be used for general rugby games.

1. The ball is difficult to find amongst all that material

2. The opposing team can easily hide the ball between their legs

3. A scrum can take forever while you try to find the correct position for your arms and head.

Photos by on flickr

Click here for: Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Or see the special ‘White Wedding’ feature by Mirandalah on Youtube.

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LSRG1 v Rotterdam RC1

League match between Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap, LSRG2 and Rotterdam RC1.

Photos by Kevin on Flickr

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