Dwingeloo RC winners of the 2011 Groningen Tens Mens Final

This was the 3rd edition of the Groningen 10-a-side rugby tournament held at the rugby ground in Haren, Groningen. 10 Mens teams and 6 Ladies teams fought through the day as temperatures climbed to 27’C towards late afternoon. Some great rugby and a super atmosphere throughout the day.

The Mens final was between Alkmaar and Dwingeloo, with Dwingeloo getting the title.

The Ladies final was between the Lady Bears and Zwolle, with the Bears winning the final.

Set01: Groningen RC2 v Alkmaar

Set02: Groningen RC1 v De Wrotters

Set03: Eemland v Zwolle

Set04: Old Bears v Lady Bears

Set05: Groningen 2 v Phoenix

Set06: EHRC Dragons v Wrotters

Set07: Old Bears v Wrotters (Dames)

Set08: Zwolle v Groningen

Set09: Alkmaar v EHRC Dragons

Set10: Zwolle v Eemland

Set11: Groningen GSRC v De Wrotters

Set12: Groningen RC v Dragons EHRC

Set13: Dwingeloo v Alkmaar (Mens Final)

Set14: Groningen Lady Bears v Zwolle (Ladies Final)

Set15: The Mini’s

Set16: Teams & General


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