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150801 Eemland RC v Long Beach State

Eemland RC v Long Beach State Rugby (USA)

Eemland RC v Long Beach State Rugby (USA)

150801 Eemland RC v Long Beach State Rugby (USA). Three Nations tour for Long Beach State (California, USA) encountering their Dutch opponents from Amersfoort.

Photos by on Flickr

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150522 Amsterdam Sevens 2015

a7logoMay 22 and 23 2015 : The 44th edition of this great yearly rugby event.

Photos by on flickr

01 Vets4KiKa v Amstelveen Wanderers : PhotosShow

04 Georgia Mens 7s – Hells Bells : PhotosShow

06 Moscow Dragons RFC – Amstelveen ARC : PhotosShow

07  Georgian Army – Ascrum ASRV : PhotosShow

08 Poland 7s – Eemland RC : PhotosShow

10 Swiss Womens 7s –  AAC Ladies : PhotosShow

12 Nike Bowerman Boys – Old Navigators : PhotosShow

14 Oxfam Crusader 7s – Amsterdam AAC : PhotosShow

17 Old Navigators – Black N’ Blues Brothers : PhotosShow

20 Amsterdam AAC  v Greywolves 7s : PhotosShow

21 Ascrum ASRV v Eemland RC : PhotosShow

30 Amsterdam AAC v TransactPro : PhotosShow

32 Nike Bowerman Boys – Amsterdam Adventurers : PhotosShow

36 Amstelveen RC – Castricum RC : PhotosShow

37 Dutch Rugby Vets – Amstelveen Wanderers : PhotosShow

48 Amsterdam Sevens After Party Day 2 : PhotosShow

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140920: Ascrum ASRV1 v Eemland RC1

140920 Ascrum ASRV1 v Eemland RC1Ascrum ASRV1 v Eemland RC1

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140322: Amstelveen ARC1 v Eemland RC1, Plate Final 2014

Amstelveen ARC1 v Eemland RC1, Plate Final 2014

Amstelveen ARC1 v Eemland RC1, Plate Final 2014

140322: Amstelveen ARC1 v Eemland RC1, Plate Final 2014

Photos by on flickr

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Amstelveen RC v Eemland RC (Colts)

Amstelveen RC v Eemland RC (Colts)

The Colts also started their competitions for the start of the new 2011-2012 season, with a match in the build up for the North Plate, between the colts from Amstelveense RC and Eemland RC.

Result: Amstelveen 15  v  20 Eemland

Photos by on flickr

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Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2011

Dutch 7s Championship. Haagsche, Amsterdam AC, Hilversum

A lot of fast and hard rugby was played Sunday 15th May during the final day of Dutch Sevens Championships. Up for grabs were the championships title for the Colts, Ladies and Mens teams.

The Colts was fought between Haagsche RC and the Dukes, with Den Haag having a convincing win of 26 – 7 over the Dukes.

The Ladies was a repeat battle from 2010, again it was Tilburg v Amsterdam AC. Amsterdam winning the title with a score of 38 against Tilburg’s 7. These two teams appear to be at a constant head-to-head as they also faced each other in the Dutch National Championship just last month.

OK when it came to the Mens final this was a Sevens match not to be missed. A nail biting match between Hilversum and Eemland, difficult to know which way the game was going to go, many high-speed runs  which got the supporters going, and quite a few heavy clashes between the teams. The result at the end of time was a draw of 24-24.  Extra time of 5 minuets each way was allocated but with sudden death, so the first team to score wins.

Four minutes into the first half of extra time, Hilversum breaks through a strong Emland defense and manages to score the winning try, End result: Hilversum 29 v 24 Eemland.

Hilversum scoring their winning try

Match Photos:

Set01: Eemland RC v Amsterdam AAC (H)

Set02: Amstelveen ARC v Pink Panthers (H)

Set03: To be Processed


Set17: To be processed


Set18: To be processed (Colts)

Set19: Tilburg RC v Amsterdam AAC (Dames)

Set20: Eemland RC v Hilversum RC (Heren)

Winning team photos:

Set21: Presentations

Looking Back:

Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2010

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Groningen Rugby Tournament 2011

Dwingeloo RC winners of the 2011 Groningen Tens Mens Final

This was the 3rd edition of the Groningen 10-a-side rugby tournament held at the rugby ground in Haren, Groningen. 10 Mens teams and 6 Ladies teams fought through the day as temperatures climbed to 27’C towards late afternoon. Some great rugby and a super atmosphere throughout the day.

The Mens final was between Alkmaar and Dwingeloo, with Dwingeloo getting the title.

The Ladies final was between the Lady Bears and Zwolle, with the Bears winning the final.

Set01: Groningen RC2 v Alkmaar

Set02: Groningen RC1 v De Wrotters

Set03: Eemland v Zwolle

Set04: Old Bears v Lady Bears

Set05: Groningen 2 v Phoenix

Set06: EHRC Dragons v Wrotters

Set07: Old Bears v Wrotters (Dames)

Set08: Zwolle v Groningen

Set09: Alkmaar v EHRC Dragons

Set10: Zwolle v Eemland

Set11: Groningen GSRC v De Wrotters

Set12: Groningen RC v Dragons EHRC

Set13: Dwingeloo v Alkmaar (Mens Final)

Set14: Groningen Lady Bears v Zwolle (Ladies Final)

Set15: The Mini’s

Set16: Teams & General


Look Back: Groningen 2010 Photos.

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Pink Panther Sevens Tournament 2011

Eemland - Winners of the Pink Panthers Sevens Tournament 2011

The Pink Panthers Sevens Tournament 2011, was won by Eemland RC, Amserfoort. A total of 12 teams battled for the winning position, it was a long day, around 7 hours of rugby with the  kick-off at 10:00 and the winner being declared around 17:30.

Match Photos:

Set01: Thor SRC v Breda RC

Set02: Rotterdam SRC v Red T’s

Set03: Breda RC v Hilversum RC

Set04: Delft SRC v Red T’s

Set05: Thor SRC v Pink Panthers

Set06: Waterland RC v Bulldogs RC

Set07: Pink Panthers v Breda RC

Set08: Obelix NSRV v Waterland RC

Set14: Deflt SRC v Eemland RC

Set09: To be Processed


Set19: To be Processed

Set20: Eemland team photos.


The remainder could take a week or so as also processing Groningen and National Sevens.

The Tournament season is heavy for us photographers, a whole day on the field and then a few thousand photos to go through. RSI here I come :-(

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Amstelveen Colts v Eemland Colts

Amstelveen v Eemland (Colts)

Amstelveen Colts v Eemland Colts

Photos by or flickr

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Result: Amstelveen 5 v 34 Eemland

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Ascrum Sevens Tournament 2010

The BBQ Boys

The Ascrum Sevens 2nd Tournament. It was the 2nd May, mid spring, but my god the guys needed that BBQ to keep warm, it was 7’C and Rain, Rain, Rain.

Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

01: Emmland RC v Ascrum

02: Diok RC v Ascrum BBQ Boys

03: Ascrum v Emmland RC

04: Ascrum v Diok RC

05: Ascrum1 v Ascrum2

06: BBQ Boys v Ascrum

07: Ascrum2 v Ascrum1

08: Ascrum v Breda

09: Ascrum v BBQ Boys

10: Ascrum v Emmland (Final)

11: General Photos

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