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160918 Rotterdam RSRC1 v Breda RC1

Rotterdam RSRC1 v Breda RC1

Rotterdam RSRC1 v Breda RC1

160918 Rotterdam RSRC1 v Breda RC1

Photos by on flickr

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130908: Amstelveen Colts v Tilburg, BRC, REL Colts

Amstelveen Colts v Tilburg, Breda, Etten-Leur Colts

Amstelveen Colts v Tilburg, Breda, Etten-Leur Colts

Amstelveen Colts v Combi of Tilburg, Breda (BRC), Etten-Leur (REL) Colts

Photos by on flickr

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Amsterdam 7s 2012: Day 1

Amsterdam Sevens 2012: Breda Bandits v AAC VVV

Day 1 of the 41st Amsterdam Sevens.

Photos by on flickr

01: Breda Bandits (NLD) v Amsterdam AAC VVV (NLD)

02: Marauders Vets (INT) v Pink Oldies (NLD)

03: Haarlem Ibuprofen (NLD) v ‘t Gooi Oude Meesters (NLD)

04: Millfield Old Boys (ENG)v Chicken Milano (ITA)

05: Ascrum ASRV (NLD) v RAF Marnham Bulls (UK)

06: Paris Olympique RC (FRA) v Amsterdam AAC (NLD)

07: Amstelveen NFC (NLD) v Sport en Bewegen Hilversum (NLD)

08: Amsterdam AAC Dames (NLD) v RWB Frauen (DEU)

09: Marauders Vets (INT) v Dambusters (ENG)

10: Witte Raven (NLD) v Grashof, Essen, (DEU)

11: Hausenstamn (DEU) v Ascrum ASRV (NLD)

12: Amsterdam AAC (NLD) v TVPforzheim (DEU)

13: Amsterdam AAC VVV (NLD) v Delft DSR-C (NLD)

14: Amsterdam AAC (NLD) v Wildcats (DEU) Dames

15: Netherlands v Germany Dames

16: Marauders (INT) v Wolverines (ENG)

17: Amsterdam AAC VVV (NLD) v Gilbert Pups (INT)


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Photoblog W45

Rugby photos from other Dutch photographers: 05 Nov 2011 – 12 Nov 2011. (Note)

West Friesland RC v Waterland RC2 :  on Waterland site

Waterland RC3 v ARC the Pigs : on Waterland site

Bredase RC1 v Delft RC : by Rico Hendricks on picasa

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Photoblog W44

Rugby photos from other Dutch photographers: 29 Oct 2011 – 04 Nov 2011. (Note)

– Haagsche RC2 vs Diok LRC2 :  by Els Barnas on picasa

Leiden LSRG1 v Bredase RC1 : by Rico Hendricks on picasa

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Photoblog W43

Rugby photos from other Dutch photographers: 22 Oct 2011 – 28 Oct 2011. (Note)

Breda RC/Ma.R.Grieten vs Rugby Club Hilversum: by Rico Hendricks on picasa

Breda RC – Tarantula: by Rico Hendricks on picasa

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Amsterdam Sevens Tournament 2011 Day 2

HWF Wailers winners of the Mens Amsterdam Sevens

Amsterdam’s AAC rugby club held its 40th Sevens Tournament this weekend. Its one of the biggest Sevens Tournament is the world, with this year around 100 teams competing from various parts of the world. That’s a lot of rugby.

Match Photos:

Set22: Tilburg RC v Breda RC

Set23: Georgia RC v Wooden Spoons

Set24: Ramblin Jesters v MP7s Mowden Park

Set25: Ascrum v Red T’s

Set26: Wiss the Mama v PWRR RFC

Set27: Samurai Int v Nike Bowerman Boys

Set28: Mels Exiles v Swedish Vikings

Set29: TomTom v Nok Su Kow

Set30: Madrid Classics v Millfield Old Boys Legends

Set31: Richmond Heavies v Haarlem Ibuprofen Veterans

Set32: Gilbert Pups v Côté Ouvert

Set33: LRC Diok v Dambusters

Set34: Marauders Vets v Millfield Old Boys

Set35: Netherlands v Canada (Ladies Semi Final)

Set36: Samurai Int v HWF Wailers (Mens Semi Final)

Set37: Templers 7 RFC v Mels Exiles (Mens Semi Final)

The Finals

Set38: Gilbert Pups v Millfield Old Boys (Boot Final)

Set39: Marauders Vets v Wooden Spoons Vets (Vets Final)

Set40: Canada Ladies v Samurai International (Ladies Final)

Set41: HWF Wailers v Templars 7 RFC (Mens Final)

General Photos Day 2:

Set42: To be processed

Looking Back:

Amsterdam Sevens 2010

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Pink Panther Sevens Tournament 2011

Eemland - Winners of the Pink Panthers Sevens Tournament 2011

The Pink Panthers Sevens Tournament 2011, was won by Eemland RC, Amserfoort. A total of 12 teams battled for the winning position, it was a long day, around 7 hours of rugby with the  kick-off at 10:00 and the winner being declared around 17:30.

Match Photos:

Set01: Thor SRC v Breda RC

Set02: Rotterdam SRC v Red T’s

Set03: Breda RC v Hilversum RC

Set04: Delft SRC v Red T’s

Set05: Thor SRC v Pink Panthers

Set06: Waterland RC v Bulldogs RC

Set07: Pink Panthers v Breda RC

Set08: Obelix NSRV v Waterland RC

Set14: Deflt SRC v Eemland RC

Set09: To be Processed


Set19: To be Processed

Set20: Eemland team photos.


The remainder could take a week or so as also processing Groningen and National Sevens.

The Tournament season is heavy for us photographers, a whole day on the field and then a few thousand photos to go through. RSI here I come 🙁

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Amstelveense RC1 v Bredase RC1

Amstelveense RC1 v Bredase RC1

Amstelveen v Breda

Photos by KevinScott.Org on Flickr

Click here for:  Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Second half to follow….

Score: Amstelveen 99 v 0 Breda

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Ascrum Sevens Tournament 2010

The BBQ Boys

The Ascrum Sevens 2nd Tournament. It was the 2nd May, mid spring, but my god the guys needed that BBQ to keep warm, it was 7’C and Rain, Rain, Rain.

Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

01: Emmland RC v Ascrum

02: Diok RC v Ascrum BBQ Boys

03: Ascrum v Emmland RC

04: Ascrum v Diok RC

05: Ascrum1 v Ascrum2

06: BBQ Boys v Ascrum

07: Ascrum2 v Ascrum1

08: Ascrum v Breda

09: Ascrum v BBQ Boys

10: Ascrum v Emmland (Final)

11: General Photos

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