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Amsterdam Sevens 2013: Day 1

ams7-2Day 1 of the 42nd Amsterdam Sevens 2013

Photos by on flickr

01: Alkmaar RC (NED) – RCWF (NED) : Photos .or. Slideshow

02: Gooi Oude Messters (NED) v Beaconsfield (ENG) : Photos .or. Slideshow

04: Ascrum ASRV (NED) – HWF Wailers (ENG) : Photos .or. Slideshow

05: Amsterdam AAC (NED) – Betty’s Boys (IRL) : Photos .or. Slideshow

08: New NFC wanderers (NED) v 7 HeadNuts (DEU) : Photos .or. Slideshow

12: Amsterdam AAC (NED) – NL Heren Seven (NED) : Photos .or. Slideshow

18: Amsterdam AAC (NED) – Aachen RC (GER) : Photos .or. Slideshow


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Amsterdam 7s 2012: Day 2

Samurai International winners of Mens Amsterdam 7s 2012

A packed 2 days of Rugby 7s at the 41st Amsterdam Sevens, held over the weekend of 19-20 May.  106 teams, 10 pitches, 18 hours of wall to wall rugby, what a super event, I’m knackered…

This year Samurai International took yet again the Mens 7s, the Ladies was taken by Canada and in the 10s series the Marauders Vets took home the silver.

Photos by on flicker

27: Amsterdam AAC (NL) v Erasmus RSRC (NL) (34 v 0)

28: Pink Oldies (NL) v new NFC Wanderers (NL) (7 v 14)

29: Amsterdam AAC v Transact Pro (7 v 28)

30: Amstelveen v Amsterdam AAC  VVV (26 v 0)

31: Wiss the Mama v Ascrum ASRV (12 v 0)

32: Witte Raven v Haagsche RC (21 v 0)

33: Amstelveen NFC – Erasmus RSRC (7 v 0)

34: Marauders Vets v Millfield Old Boys Legends (Vets 10s Final) (26 v 0)

35: Newitts Centurions MP7 v Susies Sevens (Mens 2nd Semi Final) (21 v 17)

36: Canada v USA (Ladies Final) (19 v 26)

37: Samurai International v Susies Sevens (Mens Final) (45 v 21)


Additional photos by Joyce Huis van der Spek on picasa



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Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2011

Dutch 7s Championship. Haagsche, Amsterdam AC, Hilversum

A lot of fast and hard rugby was played Sunday 15th May during the final day of Dutch Sevens Championships. Up for grabs were the championships title for the Colts, Ladies and Mens teams.

The Colts was fought between Haagsche RC and the Dukes, with Den Haag having a convincing win of 26 – 7 over the Dukes.

The Ladies was a repeat battle from 2010, again it was Tilburg v Amsterdam AC. Amsterdam winning the title with a score of 38 against Tilburg’s 7. These two teams appear to be at a constant head-to-head as they also faced each other in the Dutch National Championship just last month.

OK when it came to the Mens final this was a Sevens match not to be missed. A nail biting match between Hilversum and Eemland, difficult to know which way the game was going to go, many high-speed runs  which got the supporters going, and quite a few heavy clashes between the teams. The result at the end of time was a draw of 24-24.  Extra time of 5 minuets each way was allocated but with sudden death, so the first team to score wins.

Four minutes into the first half of extra time, Hilversum breaks through a strong Emland defense and manages to score the winning try, End result: Hilversum 29 v 24 Eemland.

Hilversum scoring their winning try

Match Photos:

Set01: Eemland RC v Amsterdam AAC (H)

Set02: Amstelveen ARC v Pink Panthers (H)

Set03: To be Processed


Set17: To be processed


Set18: To be processed (Colts)

Set19: Tilburg RC v Amsterdam AAC (Dames)

Set20: Eemland RC v Hilversum RC (Heren)

Winning team photos:

Set21: Presentations

Looking Back:

Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2010


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Amsterdam Sevens 2010

AAC Amsterdan v VGA Saint Maur

AAC Amsterdan v VGA Saint Maur

Saturday 22nd May and Sunday 23 May 2010, the 39th edition of the Amsterdam Sevens. The men’s sevens being again won by Samurai International who beat Millfield Old boys 44 – 5, this being the Samurai’s sixth title in a row.  The Dutch Ladies took on the Spanish ladies, with a convincing win of 19 – 5.  For the Veterans 10s, a battle was fought between Gameface Pacific Chiefs and Hi-Temp Corso Marauders, with the Marauders winning a close 17 – 14.

Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

Photos by

The Amsterdam Sevens main Web Site.

Next year will be the Amsterdam Sevens 40th Anniversary, and is scheduled to be held 21st and 22nd May 2011.


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Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2010

Hilversum, Dutch Sevens Champions, 2010

Sets for the NSK Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen (Dutch Sevens Championship).

Click HERE for Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

Match Photos:

Set 01: Haagsche RC v The Ducks RC

Set 02: Diok RC v Utrechtse RC

Set 03: Castricum v Ascrum ASRV

Set 04: Castricumse RC v BSN RC

Set 05: Amsterdam AAC v Utrechtse RC

Set 06: Hilversum RC v Waterland RC

Set 07: Haagsche RC v Waterland RC

Set 08: Amstelveen RC v Diok RC

Set 09: Castricumse RC v Haagsche RC

Set 10: Hilversum RC v Castricumse RC

Set 11: Amsterdam AAC v Oemoemenoe (Dames)

Set 12: BSN RC v Haagsche RC

Finals and Presentations

Set 13: Ladies Final – Amsterdam AAC v Tilburg RC

Set 14: Mens Final – Diok RC v Hilversum RC

Set 15: Presentations

Photos for 2011:

Nederlandse Sevens Kampioenen 2011


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Ascrum Sevens Tournament 2010

The BBQ Boys

The Ascrum Sevens 2nd Tournament. It was the 2nd May, mid spring, but my god the guys needed that BBQ to keep warm, it was 7′C and Rain, Rain, Rain.

Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

01: Emmland RC v Ascrum

02: Diok RC v Ascrum BBQ Boys

03: Ascrum v Emmland RC

04: Ascrum v Diok RC

05: Ascrum1 v Ascrum2

06: BBQ Boys v Ascrum

07: Ascrum2 v Ascrum1

08: Ascrum v Breda

09: Ascrum v BBQ Boys

10: Ascrum v Emmland (Final)

11: General Photos


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