Love Rugby, Love Photography, so what’s betterĀ  than combining the two, thus this Rugby Photo Journal…….

Rugby Clubs / Players are allowed to use the photos contained in my photo stream, free of charge.

Where possible please place a link to this web site www.kevinscott.org as this will help others clubs / players find their photos etc.

If you have any questions about the photographs or use there of, please drop me a mail at kevinscottnl@yahoo.com

All photos are available in full size and can be down loaded via flickr

1. Click the photo to be downloaded.

2. Photo now displayed in Medium size.

3. Place mouse cursor (displayed as a magnifying glass) over the photo and right mouse click

4. Small window is displayed with available sizes.

5. Click Original

6. Save photo file as normal for you PC/Mac/Linux system



  • #1 by Dandolo Pace on August 28th, 2012

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    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you very for taking and making the pictures available: they are of great quality and are fine memories for old farts like us!
    See you around the pitchs!!!
    Dandolo (in your series with Old Tigers & Old Pinks)