Warriors Cup 2012 – Winners: Politie Rugby NL 1

The OMK : ‘Open Militair Kampioenschap’ Rugby 10’s is a battle between the various Armed and Uniformed forces of the Netherlands for the coveted Warriors Cup.  The final this year being won by the Police team : Politie Rugby Netherlands 1. See artical  ‘Politie arresteert warriors cup‘ (in Dutch) on Rugbynieuws.nl for details.

Photos by kevinscott.org on flickr

01: Havelte v Pagnbat

02: Pagnbat v Genie Wezep

03: Politie Rugby NL 1 v Havelte

04: KMA v 42 BLJ (42nd Bataljon Limburgse Jagers)

05: Koninklijke Marines 1 v Havelte

06: 42 BLJ (42nd Bataljon Limburgse Jagers)  v Politie 1

07: KMA v  Koninklijke Marines 1

08: Politie Rugby NL 2 v Genie Wezep

09: Koninklijke Marines 2 v GMK

10: Old Warriors v Genie Wezep

11: Pagnbat v Politie Rugby NL 2

12: 42 BLJ (42nd Bataljon Limburgse Jagers) v Koninklijke Marine 1

13: Pagnbat v Old Warriors

14: CRFS/KMA v Politie NL 1 – Warrior Cup Final

15: Warriors Cup 2012 – Presentations

Additional photos from the cup can be found on BuddySport.nl

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