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Haagse Rugby Dagen 2011

Haagse Rugby Dagen 2011


The 12th Haagsche Rugby Dagen (Hague Rugby Days) took place at the HRC over the weekend. This 3 day tournament has become the traditional kick-off to signal the start of new Rugby season in the Netherlands. This year the tournament was opened by Willem de Jong the new chairman of the NRB (Nederlandse Rugby Bond / Dutch Rugby Board).

On the team front Lille Metropole RC (France) returned to defend their win from last year, and given their strength and speed they had no major problem in retaining the trophy. The other teams in the men’s main event whom Lille were up against were Slavia Prague (Czech Republic), the Dukes and of course Haagsche RC. These games were played off on the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The Saturday was a full day of rugby, starting with the Oude Dutch Masters who gave the crowd three hours of good rugby nearly all of which was played in driving rain, well it is August, what do you expect sunshine. The Dukes then took on the Dutch Rugby Academy, and the ladies performed well in a knockout competition between TU Delft, Utrechtse RC and Diok RC. The day was concluded with a full match between HRC 2/3 and the Rotterdamse Studenten RC.

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Day 1 – Mens XV

Set01: Lille Metropole (France) v Dukes – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set02: Haagsche RC v Slavia Prague – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Day 2 – Old Masters

Set03: LSRG v RSRC Old Bears – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set04: TeWerve v Pink Oldies – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set05: Pink Oldies v Haagsche RC – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set06: Diok LRC v LSRG – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set07: LSRG v Ascrum ASRV – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set08: Pink Oldies v Old Tigers – Photos ..or..  Slideshow

Set09: Old Tigers v Old Bears – Photos ..or..  Slideshow (Old Masters Final)

Day 2 – Colts

Set10: The Dukes v Dutch Rugby Academy – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 2 – Dames X

Set 11: TU Delft v Leiden RC Diok – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set 12: Utrecht RC v TU Delft – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set 13: Leiden RC Diok v Utrecht RC – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 2 – Mens XV

Set14: HRC v Rotterdam SRC – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 3 – Mens XV

Set15: HRC v The Dukes – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Set16: Lille Metropole RC (France) v Slavia Prague (Czech) – Photos ..or.. Slideshow

Day 3 – Presentations 2011

Set16: The Presentations – Photos ..or.. Slideshow


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Additional Photos by:   Lucian

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LRC Diok v Heidelberg (Germany)

LRC DIOK v Heidelberg (Germany)

LRC DIOK getting ready for the new season with a pre-season warm-up as they take on Heidelberg in a friendly match at their Leiden grounds. A bit of a slippery game given that it did not stop raining the whole match.

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Amsterdam Lowlanders. Canal Pride 2011

Amsterdam Lowlanders Canal Pride. 2011

The ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders took to the water this Saturday, for their first time in the annual Amsterdam Gay canal pride procession. The procession winds its way along some of the main canals through the center of Amsterdam. The boat was filled with around 100 rugbyers and fans, not just from the Netherlands but also other gay teams from across Europe.

Around 400,000 spectators visit Amsterdam for this very unique event, which gave  the Lowlanders some great public exposure, with the message ‘Gay and Straight Play Rugby’.

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Lowlanders Rugby Clinic, Amsterdam

Lowlanders Rugby Clinic, Amsterdam

As part of the Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam, the ARC Lowlanders held a rugby clinic in Sarphatipark, Amsterdam. The event was well attended by a number of guys and gals from various dutch clubs and a nice hand full from the Lowlanders brothers, Straffe Ketten, from Brussels.

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