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161009 Ascrum ASRV4 v Delft RC2

Ascrum ASRV4 v Delft RC2

Ascrum ASRV4 v Delft RC2

161009 Ascrum ASRV4 v Delft RC2

Photos by kevinscott,org on flickr

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150314 Open Rugby League Training

CobraOpen Rugby League Training

Saturday 14th March at 13:00

Museumplein, Amsterdam

See Flyer Cobras-Training-2014-03-14 for contact details


2015Happy new Year for 2015.

The beginning of the 7th year for this Rugby Photo Journal

140330: Amsterdam AAC1 v Castricumse CRC2

Amsterdam AAC1 v Castricum CRC2

Amsterdam AAC1 v Castricum CRC2

140330: Amsterdam AAC1 v Castricum CRC2

Photos by on flickr

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Castricumse CRC2 League celebration : PhotosSlideshow

140309: Amsterdam AAC v Utrecht URC (Dames)

Amsterdam AAC v Utrecht URC (Dames)

Amsterdam AAC v Utrecht URC (Dames)

140309: Amsterdam AAC v Utrecht URC (Dames)

The Ladies team from Amsterdam AAC are through to the finals of the Netherlands Rugby Championship (Dames) 2014 following their 24 v 5 win against Utrecht URC in the Semi-finals.

Photos by on flickr

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130523: Union Cup 2013, Bristol

Amsterdam team. Union Cup 2013

Amsterdam team. Union Cup 2013

The 5th Union Cup was hosted by the Bristol Bisons RFC, in Bristol, UK.

A total of 19 squads from 17 different European teams took part in the 2013 round of this Bi-annual tournament. In the 10’s tournament Birmingham Bulls, Dublin Emerald Warriors RFC 2nds , Lisbon Dark Horses, Montpellier Los Valents, Paris Coq Festifs. 15’s teams, Amsterdam Lowlanders, Berlin Bruisers, Bristol Bisons RFC, Bruxelles Straffe Ketten, Cardiff Lions, Edinburgh Thebans, Dublin Emerald Warriors RFC 1st, London Kings Cross Steelers 1st XV, London Kings Cross Steelers 2nd XV, Lyon Les Rebelyons, Manchester Village Spartans, Newcastle Ravens, Northampton Outlaws RFC, Stockholm Berserkers.

With 500+ participants from all over Europe this is the largest Union Cup thus far.

Photos by on flickr

01: Amsterdam Lowlanders, The Arrival. PhotosSlideshow

02: Opening Ceremony. PhotosSlideshow

03: Around the Pitch. PhotosSlideshow

04: Amsterdam Lowlanders v Manchester Village Spartans. PhotosSlideshow

05: Caledonian Thebans v Rebelyons RFC. PhotosSlideshow

06: Cardiff Lions v Berlin Bruisers (in Dublin Jersey’s). PhotosSlideshow

07: Straffe Ketten v Amsterdam Lowlanders. PhotosSlideshow

08: Los Valents v Emerald Warriors. PhotosSlideshow

09: Emerald Warriors v Caledonian Thebans. PhotosSlideshow

10: Dark Horses v Los Valents. PhotosSlideshow

11: Birmingham Bulls v Emerald Warriors. PhotosSlideshow

12: Bristol Bisons v Amsterdam Lowlanders. PhotosSlideshow

13: Stockholm Berserkers v Thebans. PhotosSlideshow

14: Kings Cross Steelers v Cardiff Lions. PhotosSlideshow

16: Amsterdam Lowlanders v Northampton Outlaws. PhotosSlideshow

17: Berlin Bruisers v Bristol Bisons. PhotosSlideshow

18: Dark Horses v Birmingham Bulls. PhotosSlideshow

19: Amsterdam Lowlanders v Cardiff Lions. PhotosSlideshow

20: Kings Cross Steelers v Emerald Warriors (15s Final). PhotosSlideshow

23: Team Photos: PhotosSlideshow : More to follow…


For photos : Union Cup 2011, in Amsterdam, Click here.

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Amstelveen ARC 2 and ARC3 Team photos

Warmup and team photos for Amstelveen ARC 2 and ARC 3

Photos ..or.. Slideshow


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2010 – 2011

End of 2010 – Start of 2011

WK Amsterdam 2010 (World Cup Final)

World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Spain. I know it’s not rugby but it was a very special day for the Netherlands, I spent the first half running around bars in my area, and then sat down to copious amounts of beer and watched the rest of the game. Well done Netherlands, I / We are proud of you.

Photos by Kevin Scott.Org on Flickr

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Gaelic Football, Amsterdam Tournament

Gaelic Football, Amsterdam Tournament. A wonderful chance to see this super fast sport. It took some time, but once I had spoken to a few of the guys to find the rules of the game, I found it a great game to photograph. For my first attempt I hope I have done the game justice.

This was a international tournament between, Netherlands-Amsterdam, Netherlands-Den Haag, Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgium had two teams, I’m not sure from which cities, so they are known as Belgium-Green and Belgium-Red for the sakes of identification.

Photos by KevinScott.Org on Flickr

01: Belgium Green v Den Haag | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

02: Amsterdam v Luxembourg | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

03: Den Haag v Belgium Green | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

04: Luxembourg v Belgium Red | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

05: Amsterdam v Belgium Green | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

06: Belgium Red v Den Haag | Photos ..or.. Slideshow

07: Belgium Green v Luxembourg | Photos ..or.. Slideshow


Link: Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Football Club

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